Angus Young x Sid Tapia — Graffiti Mural

Angus Young x Sid Tapia — Graffiti Mural

We recently teamed up with Sydney artist Sid Tapia to capture a small part of his process putting up a massive mural of Angus Young.

Angus Young is the lead guitarist from legendary Aussie rock band AC/DC.


Sid had a quick chat with us about the project, and we asked the question that’s been popping up for a few of you … What’s with the squiggles on the wall??

MTN: Hey Sid! So what was the job for and why?

SID: It was a job painted for the new Sydney Manny’s Music store.

The lads that worked in the store are big AC/DC fans and really pushed for an Angus Young mural.

In knowing that, I needed to search for the coolest / strongest / clearest image of Angus Young that would sit nicely on the building area I had before me.

It was a bit of a challenge finding the right image as there’s a large strip that protrudes horizontally out of the middle of the wall.

MTN: We saw a bunch of squiggles on the wall and you’ve got people wondering, what’s that all about?

SID: Yep! It’s a squiggle method as opposed to a grid method. Same approach but easier as random squiggles are quicker and all different as opposed to squares looking the same and time consuming.

MTN: Did you face any challenges putting it up, if so how’d you get around it?

SID: The main challenge was working the clouds to come up the way I envisioned them. They’re way larger than what a Hardcore Fat cap can work with so I laid out the backdrop with Hardcore Fats then used a large fan spray gun to give them the fuller effect I needed.

Check out the video of SID putting together the Angus Young piece in the video below.


Sid Tapia is a Sydney based artist. Currently, Sid is working as a full time artist, an ambassador / influencer for international brands RVCA, Adidas, Sony, G-Shock, Copic Markers & MTN Colors.

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