SILLY PEAR — MTN Australia Achromatic

SILLY PEAR — MTN Australia Achromatic

This page is Q&A section of the Achromatic Competition Blog with artist Silly Pear. To view the full blog article, including links to other artists Q&A or to view all submission, click this link:>MTN Challanges Australia Graffiti Community

Sydney based illustrator and designer Silly Pear, who traditional uses plenty of colour within his work, gives us a little insight into how he deconstructed his process and to form his Achromatic entry.

View his response to our rapid fire questions below.

  • Briefly introduce yourself and your art

My name is Charlie but I work under the name ‘Silly Pear’ originally a country kid I now reside on the northern beaches of Sydney.

  • How did you come up with your Achromatic concept?

I was trying to play with ideas of getting more than just flat black and white and experimenting with textures and shading, as well as having fun with my characters.

  • What challenges did you face and overcome with the limitations of only Black and White?

As I usually have a lot of colours and shades the challenge was in the concept stage figuring out how to make it come together and separate elements.

  • What techniques can you share about your process, did you find certain techniques helpful?

Pre planing the idea was a huge help, as well I used a perforated plastic sheet to get the halftone effect for shading which worked great, as well tape to get the nice straight lines.

  • What is one thing/lesson you learned while doing the Achromatic challenge?

That there’s a lot more than I can do with only two colours than I previously though and sometime being limited forces you to evolve as an artist.

  • If you were to do it again, what would you do differently?



Silly Pear is a one man show run by Illustrator/ designer/ creative guy Charlie Nivison.

In 2008 a chance exhibition offer to show 20 tee shirt designs at a small Sydney gallery saw the birth of T-shirt label Silly Pear.

Designing and printing shirts since 2008, Silly Pear is now much more than just a T-shirt company but has morphed into a design hub and is now based out of and Sydney.

Offering a Illustration, design, creative direction, branding and screen printing service, Silly Pear is alternative to Generic design.


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