MTN Street Ink Dabber 18mm Black

Sale price$13.55

The MTN Street Dabber - Ink 18 is an 18 mm terrycloth tip marker, filled with permanent alcohol-based ink that is available in two colours (red and black). This highly versatile tool can be used for any technique or application. Thanks to its lack of a valve, you can achieve fast, smooth lines on a multitude of surfaces.

Its refillable, flexible body is perfect for controlling the ink output pressure. The circular tip is lined with terrycloth, absorbing any small inconsistencies on the surface to be painted while at the same time protecting the valve.


  • Alcohol-based ink.
  • 18 mm tip.
  • 90 ml capacity.
  • Highly U.V. resistant.
  • Glossy finish.
  • Easy to squeeze.
  • Waterlight seal.
  • Refillable. Comes with a replaceable tip.
  • Available in 2 colours (red & black).

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