MTN 94 Spray Paint - Breeze Green - Semi Transparent

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MTN 94 Spray Paint - Breeze Green is a low pressure semi-transparent .These versatile spray cans will provide artists, craftsmen and your everyday DIY'er precise control to achieve your finish and effects with ease. Now with 217 high opacity colours in its range you will never be short of producing your best work. Montana Colors MTN 94 Transparent Green is a Transparent Green effects can that allows you to gently build up green hues when and where you need them.

  MTN 94 Breeze Green Spectral - HEX #a1d5cf 

  400 ml Capacity

  Matte Finish

Type of paint: Synthetic paint. Solid colour and high opacity.

Dry to touch: 10’

Total dry: 24 hours

Cap: Pocket Cap.

Theorical Yield: 3 m2

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