MTN Hardcore Spray Paint - RV258 - Manga Pink

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MTN Hardcore Spray Paint - RV258 - Manga Pink is a high pressure and perfect covering spray paint. The Hardcore range of 142 shades encompasses a wide spectrum of intense colours whose gloss finish makes them more striking. The paint dries quickly and after 24-48 hours, depending on the number of coats applied and the atmospheric conditions, the film hardens completely, thus increasing its resistance. Montana Colors Hardcore RV258 - Manga Pink gloss spray paint is a bright middle intense pink hue.

  Manga Pink - CMYK 0,40,8,0 - HEX #FFA2CA - PANTONE® 700 C

  400 ml Capacity

  Glossy Finish

Type of paint: Synthetic resin enamel solvent paint. Solid colour, high opacity and perfect coverage.

Dry to touch: 15’

Total dry: 24 hours

Cap: Pocket Cap.

Theorical Yield: 3 m2

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