MTN PRO Spray Paint - Stainless Steel Home Appliance Paint - Stainless Steel

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MTN PRO Stainless Steel Home Appliance Paint is an antioxidant spray coating formulated with synthetic nitro resin and metallic stainless steel pigments.
Due to the characteristics of this product we recommend using it for touch-ups and painting electrical appliances. It adheres well to all metals and most plastic materials and is highly resistant against aggressive substance, diluted acids and low concentration gases.


  • Product composition: Acrylic resins.
  • Touch dry: 10 minutes
  • Totally dry: 20 minutes
  • Color range / finish: 2 colors (White and Stainless).
  • Capacity: 400 ml
  • Theorical Yield: 2 m2
  • Max temperature resistance: 120 °C
  • Surface application: It boasts good adhesion to most metals and plastic materials. Ideal for painting household appliances.
  • Time to recoat: 20 minutes
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