MTN PRO Spray Paint - Wash Primer Spray Paint 400ml

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MTN PRO Wash Primer is a spray paint that contains a product that is suitable as a phosphate primer coat. It is specifically designed for metallic surfaces (galvanized and electro-galvanized steel, aluminium and other polished metals).
It provides excellent adherence to any base on which paint will be applied. Especially suitable for use on garage doors, metal shutters, aluminium framing and copper pipes.
Ideal as a base coat before using any other type of paint. It provides durability and prevents the paint from cracking or peeling and can also be used as a primer for polyamide, carbon fibre, epoxy, polyester, acrylate, PVC, PC and ABS plastic surfaces.


  • Product composition: Mix of resins.
  • Touch dry: 20 minutes
  • Totally dry: 2 hours
  • Color range / finish: Grey.
  • Capacity: 400 ml
  • Theorical yield: 2m2
  • Max temperature resistance: 100 °C
  • Surface application: Excellent adhesion to galvanized, electrozinced steel or aluminium and other types of polished metals. Specially designed as a preliminary coat for the subsequent painting of garage doors, shutters, aluminium frames and copper pipes. 
  • Time to recoat: 20 minutes
  • Other characteristics: Also usable as a primer on polyamide 6 plastic surfaces, carbon fiber, epoxy, polyester, acrylate, PVC, PC, and ABS. The product's characteristics make it ideal for pre-sanded surfaces painted with polyester type paints (aluminium profiling) or on 2K epoxy.
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